Art is what ignites  the soul. It has the power to initiate personal and social change. The way that  I make my work has many layers of process, I feel that an essence is lost in  the way imagery is increasingly mass produced and in my own practice I aim to  try and conjure this unique quality which comes forward in the process. I work in an intuitive way crossing the boundaries between  photography and printmaking.

I am motivated by the investigation of social barriers that humans  have between each other and personal barriers we construct, internally and  externally, preventing us connecting with Self. I have met with groups of  people that may be deemed as outsiders in society for various reasons and as an  artist I feel I have an affinity with these outsider groups.

My work invites people to pause a moment and ask questions about how  they see others and themselves within the world.

I think that my work is unique due to the multi-layered approach I undertake.The way I produce images offers me many variables to consider and therefore the  outcome can be unpredictable, unique and individual both visually and  conceptually.



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